Logic gates are the basic building blocks of the digital system. It is an electronic circuit that has one or more than one input but only one output. So, in this blog post, we are going to learn about different types of logic gates and also logic gates truth tables.

Types of Logic Gates:

1. AND Gate
2. OR Gate
3. NOT Gate
4. NAND Gate
5. NOR Gate
6. EX-OR Gate
7. EX-NOR Gate

So let’s get started with a brief description of all the gates and the logic gates truth tables.

Logic Gates Truth Tables:

1. AND Gate:

In AND gate output is the product of input.

Logic Diagram of AND gate:

Y = A.B

Truth table of AND gate:

2. OR Gate:

In OR gate output is the sum of input.

Logic Diagram of OR gate:

Y = A+B

Truth table of OR gate:

3. NOT Gate:

NOT gate is also known as an inverter. It has only one input and one output.

Logic Diagram of NOT gate:

Y =

Truth table of NOT gate:

4. NAND gate:

NAND gate is made by combining NOT and AND gate. It is the opposite of the AND gate.
Logic diagram of NAND gate:

Y =
Truth Table of NAND Gate:

5. NOR gate:

NOR gate is made by combining NOT and OR gate. It is the opposite of OR gate.

Logic diagram of NOR gate:


Truth table of NOR gate:

6. EX-OR Gate:

EX-OR stands for an exclusive OR gate. In the EX-OR gate, the output is true if one and only one of the inputs to the gate is true.

Logic diagram of EX-OR Gate:

Y =

Truth table of EX-OR Gate:

7. EX-NOR Gate:

EX-NOR stands for an exclusive NOR gate. In the EX-NOR gate, the output is true only if both the inputs to the gate are the same i.e., either both are true or both are false.

Logic diagram of EX-NOR Gate:

Truth table of EX-NOR Gate:

NOTE: NAND and NOR are called the universal gates because they can implement any Boolean function without using any other type of gates.

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