Hello guys! Are you new to the topic called Combinational Logic Circuits?

If yes, then here I have come up with an Infographic which would help you if you are looking forward to understand what combinational logic circuits actually mean in a very simple and short way.

But before that, here is the short description of a combinational logic circuit: A combinational circuit is a circuit where the output of that circuit at any time depends only on the present combination values of inputs. Here the output never depends upon any past values of input combination as well as the previous state output values. The output of combinational circuits at any instant of time depends only on the levels present at input terminals since the combinational circuit does not use any memory. So, as it does not use any memory, the previous state of input does not have any effect on the present state of the circuit.

So guys, just have a glance at the Infographic shown below. You will get the basic idea about what the combinational circuit is and also what are its types.

I hope this blog post would be useful for you. Thank you!

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